2SQM makes whole and earth conscious tools for healthy skin.

2SQM feeds the skin with unique natural ingredients all carefully sourced from sustainable and ethical farming.

2SQM maximises your wellbeing every day with products meticulously crafted in Italy, mixing ancient mediterranean self care rituals with contemporary scientific research.



Regardless of gender, race or age, we all have circa 2SQM of skin to love and take care of.

Antonio and Margherita Pinto, Neapolitans not yet thirty, are the creators of
the natural skincare brand, inspired by the artistic ferment of a multicultural
metropolis, Naples!
Entrepreneurs in the world of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine/surgery
launch 2SQM in late 2021.

At what age did you start using skincare?

My first discovery of the beauty world was at 13 with a propolis soap given to
me by my mother. In general, we think that there is no right age to start taking
care of yourself: you can start from your twenties because the skin has simple
needs ranging from hydration to cleansing so that you don't have to deal with to other problems.

Why the link to raves, clubbing, staying out late at night?

The idea of ​​combining skincare and clubbing was born precisely from 2SQM's
desire to look at how we and our community, our friends, live. 2SQM is a guilt-
free self-care experience: the products adapt to each individual's lifestyle, not
vice versa. Everything emanates from the idea of ​​inclusiveness and tolerance
applied to the product which forces it to conform to a regimented and rigid
procedure. 2SQM formulations respond to immediate needs by creating
ready-to-use products, which come in handy at any time even when you have
returned from a rave, have few hours of sleep on you, but want to be fresh for
the presentation of your latest project.”